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Due to the increasing amount of data handled by business applications and the need of an easy way to access data by multiple servers, storage area networks (SAN) have been proposed as a solution to be deployed in enterprises networks. Introducing the wireless aspects to the SAN environment enables more flexibility but it introduces at the same time a set of(More)
The serializability of transactions is the most important property that ensure correct processing to transactions. In case of concurrent access to the same data by several transactions, or in case of dependency relationships between running sub transactions. But some transactions has been marked as malicious and they compromise the serialization of running(More)
In order to ensure the correct processing of transactions, we introduced the concept of serializability. However, both serializability and relevant properties within transaction-based applications might be affected. Ensuring serializability of transactions in corrupted systems is amongst the requirements which allow to process properly interrelated(More)
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