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OBJECTIVES Distraction osteogenesis has been applied to the craniofacial region. To reduce the cleft width of patients with cleft lip and palate, alveolar bones are distracted toward the cleft. However, no reports have described limitations to the amount of lengthening that can be achieved by distraction osteogenesis in this area. Therefore, we investigated(More)
Prediction of the movement ratio of soft to hard tissues is an important part of an orthodontic and orthognathic treatment plan. Previous studies have shown that various ethnic populations have significantly different average cephalometric measurements when compared to European-American norms. Therefore, a difference may exist in soft to hard tissue(More)
We developed a k-factor-creator software (kFC) that provides the k-factor for CT examination in an arbitrary scan area. It provides the k-factor from the effective dose and dose-length product by Imaging Performance Assessment of CT scanners and CT-EXPO. To assess the reliability, we compared the kFC-evaluated k-factors with those of the International(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on newly formed bone in distracted areas surrounding the root of a moving tooth by histological and radiological analysis. It was hypothesized that the application of hyperbaric oxygen to a tooth moving into the distracted area would accelerate ossification and vascularization of newly formed bone in the(More)
To compare the radiation dose and image noise of nonenhanced CT scans performed at 80, 100, and 120 kVp with tube current modulation (TCM) we used anthropomorphic phantoms of newborn, 1-year-old, and 5-year-old children. The noise index was set at 12. The image noise in the center of the phantoms at the level of the chest and abdomen was measured within a(More)
The monitor chamber of a radiotherapy system needs to be calibrated once a week. Because the calibration procedure requires a large variety of complicated calculations, we have developed software that facilitates calculation and enables comparison and storage of data. According to the standard measurement of absorbed dose, we used Visual Basic 6.0(More)
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