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A study for the traffic flow control considering the capacity of the road by cellular automaton method
Using the cellular automaton method, a simulation of traffic flow inside the control area, which includes four crossings with traffic lights, has been carried out under the control of traffic lights considering the capacity of the road. Expand
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A patient with lymphoma of mucosa-assocated lymphoid tissue (MALT) and lung cancer in the same tumor of the lung
肺MALTリンパ腫と肺癌が同一腫瘍内に併存した1例を経験した.症例は73才, 男性.1994年細気管炎 (bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia) の診断で3ヵ月間のステロイド入院治療歴があり, 1997年12月に同部位に結節影を指摘され増大傾向を認めたため, 1998年11月24日部分切除術をうけた.病理結果は, 肺MALTリンパ腫の診断で,Expand
Numerical Prediction of Impact Force of Geomaterial Flow against Retaining Structure using CIP Method
This study presents numerical framework for predicting impact force of geomaterial flow against a retaining structure. The numerical scheme used in this study is CCUP method that is based on fluidExpand
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