Syouhei Namikata

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Cernitin pollen-extract (Cernilton®, CN-009) is a preparation made from eight kinds of pollen. The active components are water-soluble (T60) and fat-soluble (GBX) fractions. CN-009 has been used for the treatment of chronic prostatitis in Europe and Japan. To study the action of CN-009 on the prostatitis, we examined the effect of CN-009 on the(More)
Cernitin pollen-extract (Cernilton, CN) is a preparation made from eight kinds of pollen and has been used for various prostatic diseases in Japan and Europe. We reported previously that CN possessed a recovery action on the sex-hormone-induced nonbacterial prostatitis in rats. To clarify the possible mechanism of action of CN, we investigated the effects(More)
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