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APC and transforming growth factor-beta type II receptor (TGF-beta RII) gene mutations, and microsatellite instability have been found in sporadic colorectal carcinomas. To clarify further the early alterations in colorectal carcinogenesis, we investigated these genetic changes in 23 protruding- and 24 superficial-type mucosal colorectal carcinomas.(More)
Human reticulocalbin-1 (hRCN1) has six EF-hand motifs and binds Ca(2+). hRCN1 is a member of the CREC family localized in the secretory pathway, and its cellular function remains unclear. In this study, we established a new bacterial expression and purification procedure for hRCN1. We observed that hRCN1 binds Ca(2+) in a cooperative manner and the Ca(2+)(More)
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