Synnöve Kekkonen-Moneta

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This paper evaluates the effectiveness of Web-based, highly interactive, and multimedia-rich e-learning materials by comparing students’ learning outcomes in the lecture and online versions of an introductory computing course. The course versions differed only in that face-to-face lectures were replaced with e-learning modules in the online course; the(More)
This case study compares students’ learning experience and outcomes in the lecture and online versions of a first-year introductory computing course offered at the Department of Computer Science of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In spring 2000, 105 mostly first year biology majors completed the lecture-based course. In fall 2000, the(More)
A torus is oriented if the processes have assigned their communication links North-East-South-West labels in a globally consistent manner. This paper presents an orientation protocol that is self-stabilizing, i.e., resilient to corruption of data stored in working memories and communication links. The protocol is randomized, uses constant memory space, and(More)
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