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In the current worldwide ICT scenario, a constantly growing number of ever more powerful devices (smartphones, sensors, household appliances, RFID devices, etc.) join the Internet, significantly impacting the global traffic volume (data sharing, voice, multimedia, etc.) and foreshadowing a world of (more or less) smart devices, or " things " in the Internet(More)
—In this letter, we propose an entropy-based mod-eling framework for supporting route stability in mobile ad hoc wireless networks. The basic motivations of the proposed modeling approach stem from the commonality observed in the location uncertainty in mobile ad hoc wireless networks and the concept of entropy. The corresponding results demonstrate that(More)
Service is provided to a set of parallel queues by a single server. The service of queue i may be initiated only at certain time instances ft i n g 1 n=1 that constitute the connectivity instances for queue i. The service of diierent customers cannot overlap. Scheduling is required to resolve potential contention of services initiated at closely spaced,(More)