Sylwia Dziwura

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Normal tissue reactions to radiation therapy vary in severity among patients and cannot be accurately predicted, limiting treatment doses. The existence of heritable radiosensitivity syndromes suggests that normal tissue reaction severity is determined, at least in part, by genetic factors and these may be revealed by differences in gene expression. To test(More)
Genetic factors are likely to affect individual cancer risk, but few quantitative estimates of heritability are available. Public health radiation protection policies do not in general take this potentially important source of variation in risk into account. Two surrogate cellular assays that relate to cancer susceptibility have been developed to gain an(More)
The SUV3 gene is present in all eukaryotes and encodes an RNA/DNA helicase which operates both in mitochondria and cell nuclei. To assess its function in mammals we generated a mouse mutant strain in which the 3' part of the SUV3 gene is disrupted. The mutated allele is a hypomorph transmitted from one generation to another at a frequency about 35% lower(More)
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