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Optical pulses at a repetition rate of 39.8 GHz have been observed in a dc-biased passively mode-locked quantum-dash Fabry-Pérot laser diode. The pulses generated by this diode are studied in the temporal and spectral domains using a second harmonic generation frequency-resolved optical gating system. By using a tunable band-pass filter, it is observed that(More)
We present a linear self-referenced measurement of the spectral amplitude and phase of a free-running quantum-dash modelocked laser diode. The technique is suitable for measuring optical signals with repetition rates up to 100 GHz. In contrast to many other linear techniques it requires no external electronic clock synchronized to the signal under test.(More)
Timing-jitter measurements in optically generated subpicosecond pulses by a quantum-dash passively mode-locked semiconductor laser as a function of the bias current are reported. All the measurements are retrieved from a second-harmonic-generation frequency-resolved optical gating system. A decreasing trend in the pulse width and the associated timing(More)
A wavelength tunable optical comb is generated based on the gain-switching of an externally seeded Fabry-Pérot laser diode. The comb consists of about eight clearly resolved 10 GHz coherent sidebands within 3 dB spectral envelope peak and is tunable over the entire C-band (1530 to 1570 nm). The optical linewidth of the individual comb tones is measured to(More)
A mode-locked extended cavity quantum well ring laser at 1.58 μm with a repetition rate of 2.5 GHz in the form of a photonic integrated circuit is presented. The device is realized using InP-based active-passive integration technology. The 33 mm long cavity contains gain, saturable absorption, and passive waveguide sections as well as phase shifter sections(More)
Using monolithic integration technology we have designed and fabricated tunable lasers in the 1.5 μm region with a demonstrated tuning range of 60 nm and single mode operation. This performance is achieved using intracavity tunable Mach-Zehnder interferometers that use voltage controlled phase modulators. In this paper we will discuss design(More)
An anti-colliding pulse-type III-V-on-silicon passively mode-locked laser is presented for the first time based on a III-V-on-silicon distributed Bragg reflector as outcoupling mirror implemented partially underneath the III-V saturable absorber. Passive mode-locking at 4.83 GHz repetition rate generating 3 ps pulses is demonstrated. The generated(More)
In this paper, we present the detailed characterization of a semiconductor ring passively mode-locked laser with a 20 GHz repetition rate that was realized as an indium phosphide based photonic integrated circuit (PIC). Various dynamical regimes as a function of operating conditions were explored in the spectral and time domain. A record bandwidth of the(More)
A compact and fabrication-tolerant integrated remotely tunable optical delay line is proposed for millimeter-wave beam steering and is fabricated in an InP generic foundry. The proposed delay line is based on a spectrally cyclic-arrayed waveguide grating feedback loop. Its major features include the tolerant architecture with reduced chip size, and(More)