Sylvie de Lattre

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Unlike wards, where chronic and acute pain are regularly managed, comparisons of the most commonly used self-report pain tools have not been reported for the intensive care unit (ICU) setting. The objective of this study was to compare the feasibility, validity and performance of the Visual Analog Scale (horizontal (VAS-H) and vertical (VAS-V) line(More)
INTRODUCTION A quality-improvement project was conducted to reduce severe pain and stress-related events while moving ICU-patients. METHODS The Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle was studied during four one-month phases, separated by five-month interphases. All consecutive patients staying more than 24 hours were evaluated every morning while being moved for(More)
Pain is an indicator of the quality of care, especially in intensive care. It gives rise to a questioning of practices. It requires formalised measures and standardised methods as well as a common language within the teams. The assessment and management of pain is multidisciplinary and responsibility is shared.
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