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Two peptides were derived from the structural analysis of a previously described monoclonal antibody [Mol. Immunol. 37 (2000) 423] against the tachykinin NK(1) receptor for the neuropeptide substance P. Here we show that these two peptides were able to inhibit the inositol phosphate transduction pathway triggered both by substance P and neurokinin A,(More)
[11C]-SIB-1553A ((+/-)-4-[2-((N-[11C]-methyl)-2-pyrrolidinyl)ethyl]thiophenol) was labelled with carbon-11 (t1/2=20.4 min) and evaluated in vivo as potential radiotracer for noninvasive assessment of the beta4 subunit nicotinic acetylcholine neurotransmission system with positron emission tomography (PET). The labelling precursor was obtained within five(More)
Antibodies against the native form of the human NK1 receptor (hNK1R) for the neuropeptide substance P (SP), an important immunoregulator, are difficult to produce using classical immunization techniques. We show here that mice immunized with a plasmid harboring hNK1R cDNA developed antibodies recognizing extracellular epitopes of native hNK1R expressed on(More)
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