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The Arabidopsis thaliana genome comprises around 1,000 copies of 5S rRNA genes encoding both major and minor 5S rRNAs. In mature wild-type leaves, the minor 5S rRNA genes are silent. Using different mutants of DNA methyltransferases (met1, cmt3 and met1 cmt3), components of the RNAi pathway (ago4) or post-translational histone modifier (hda6/sil1), we show(More)
The plant-specific RNA polymerases Pol IV and Pol V are essential to RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM), which also requires activities from RDR2 (RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase 2), DCL3 (Dicer-Like 3), AGO4 (Argonaute), and DRM2 (Domains Rearranged Methyltransferase 2). RdDM is dedicated to the methylation of target sequences which include transposable(More)
SUN-domain proteins belong to a gene family including classical Cter-SUN and mid-SUN subfamilies differentiated by the position of the SUN domain within the protein. Although present in animal and plant species, mid-SUN proteins have so far remained poorly described. Here, we used a combination of genetics, yeast two-hybrid and in planta transient(More)
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