Sylvie Streel

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INTRODUCTION Migraine has a considerable social, economic, physical and emotional burden but remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. A specific migraine screening tool could help remove barriers to health care and be an attractive instrument for epidemiological studies. The objective of this work was to assess the validity of an extended French version of(More)
The assessment of nutritional problems is vital to support patients undergoing radiotherapy. Poor nutritional status may occur as a result of preexisting problems, older age, the cancer itself, or treatment side effects. Malnutrition impairs the outcome of the disease and affects patients. This prospective study aimed at developing two simple tools to(More)
Data on the vitamin D status of the population of Wallonia (Belgium, 51°30' North) are scarce. This study was carried out to estimate vitamin D deficiency, identify potential determinants, and analyze their relationship with vitamin D supplementation. We tested the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency is common in the general population, particularly among(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity are major public health problems of growing concern. Few studies have investigated the representations and perceptions of subjects with overweight and obesity, especially in the general population, as compared to people in a medical weight loss process. The objective of this study was to fill this gap by enabling(More)
BACKGROUND Cluster analysis is a data-driven method used to create clusters of individuals sharing similar dietary habits. However, this method requires specific choices from the user which have an influence on the results. Therefore, there is a need of an objective methodology helping researchers in their decisions during cluster analysis. The objective of(More)
Background. Monitoring the epidemiology of cardiovascular risk factors (CRFs) and their determinants is important to develop appropriate recommendations to prevent cardiovascular diseases in specific risk groups. The NESCaV study was designed to collect standardized data to estimate the prevalence of CRFs in relation to socioeconomic parameters among the(More)
BACKGROUND Country-specific prevalence data on migraine and comorbidities are vital to assess the public health burden of migraine and the corresponding resources required for proper management. Considering the absence of reliable statistics, this study aimed to estimate the one-year prevalence of migraine in Wallonia (Belgium) in relation to(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the interest in the Internet and its usage for health-related issues among people eligible for osteoporosis screening. Self-administered questionnaires have been distributed to subjects who were screened for osteoporosis and to menopausal women. 177 patients have responded to the survey (64.5 ± 10.1 years, 88.1 % of(More)
Background Metabolic syndrome (MetS) and migraine are known to be associated. This study assessed the risk of MetS and its clinical characteristics in migraine with aura (MA) and without aura (MO) based on a large-scale cross-sectional survey. Methods The study material consisted of 751 participants in the Nutrition, Environment and CardioVascular Health(More)
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