Sylvie Salamitou

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 The sigE and sigK genes, encoding the sporulation-specific sigma factors σ35 and σ28 of Bacillus thuringiensis, were each disrupted by inserting a gene conferring resistance to kanamycin into their coding sequence. The B. thuringiensis SigE- and SigK- mutant strains were blocked at different sporulation stages and were unable to sporulate. The SigE- strain(More)
Bacteria and their viruses (called bacteriophages, or phages), have been found in virtually every ecological niche on Earth. Arid regions, including their most extreme form called deserts, represent the single largest ecosystem type on the Earth’s terrestrial surface. The Namib desert is believed to be the oldest (80 million years) desert. We report here an(More)
The lethal disease anthrax is propagated by spores of Bacillus anthracis, which can penetrate into the mammalian host by inhalation, causing a rapid progression of the disease and a mostly fatal outcome. We have solved the three-dimensional structure of the major surface protein BclA on B. anthracis spores. Surprisingly, the structure resembles C1q, the(More)
A reduction of more than 4 orders of magnitude of survivors was obtained by exposing a Bacillus Stearothermophilus spores contaminated surface to an atmospheric pressure DBD post-discharge for 20 minutes. Decontamination mechanisms are investigated assuming that (i) inactivation is obtained when the bacteria DNA is fragmented, (ii) the protein coats are the(More)
Arid zones cover over 30 % of the Earth’s continental surface. In order to better understand the role of microbes in this type of harsh environment, we isolated and characterized the bacteriophages from samples of the surface sand of the Mesquite Flats region via electron microscopy and DNA sequencing of a select number of cloned phage DNAs. An electron(More)
The structure determination of the recombinant form of BclA, the major protein component of Bacillus anthracis exosporium, involved soaking in a high concentration of potassium iodide as the means of obtaining a good-quality heavy-atom derivative. The data to 2 angstroms resolution collected on a laboratory source were of sufficient quality to allow(More)
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