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OBJECTIVE To study the effects of estradiol and progesterone on the proliferation of normal human breast epithelial cells in vivo. DESIGN Double-blind randomized study. SETTING Departments of gynecology and of cell biology at a university hospital. PATIENT(S) Forty postmenopausal women with untreated menopause and documented plasma FSH levels of >30(More)
This study indicates that hydrocortisone (HC) markedly increases the synthesis of immunoglobulin E (IgE) by interleukin 4 (IL-4)-stimulated human lymphocytes. The effect is glucocorticoid specific and is obtained with low concentrations of HC (0.1-10 microM). In both the early and the late phase of the IL-4-induced response HC exerts its effects which are(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune, demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Like MS, the animal model experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is characterized by CNS inflammation and demyelination and can follow a relapsing-remitting (RR) or chronic (CH) disease course. The molecular and pathological differences that(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of E2 and P on the epithelial cell cycle of normal human breast in vivo. DESIGN Double-blind, randomized study. Topical application to the breast of a gel containing either a placebo, E2, P, or a combination of E2 and P, daily, during the 10 to 13 days preceding breast surgery. PATIENTS Forty premenopausal women undergoing(More)
The largest-to-date randomized trial (Women's Health Initiative) comparing the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and a placebo concluded that the continuous use of an oral combination of conjugated equine estrogens (CEE) and medroxy-progesterone acetate (MPA) increases the risk of breast cancer. This conclusion may not apply to women taking other(More)
Although B7 on APCs has a well-recognized role in T cell costimulation, little is known about the functional significance of constitutive and activation-induced B7 expression that also occurs on T cells. To analyze the role of B7 on T cells, B7-1/B7-2-deficient mice (B7 double knockout) and mice overexpressing B7-2 exclusively on T cells (B7-2 transgenic)(More)
Transgenic (Tg) mice that overexpress the costimulatory ligand B7.2/CD86 on microglia spontaneously develop a T cell-mediated demyelinating disease. Characterization of the inflammatory infiltrates in the nervous tissue revealed a predominance of CD8+ T cells, suggesting a prominent role of this T cell subset in the pathology. In this study, we show that(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and investigate the kinetic binding properties of interleukin-1 receptors (IL-1R), and examine the abilities of the 2 IL-1 isoforms to stimulate metalloprotease synthesis, in normal and osteoarthritic (OA) chondrocytes. METHODS Receptor affinity and density were determined using radioligand binding experiments and flow cytometry.(More)
Estradiol and progesterone receptors (ER and PR) were studied in 46 breast fibroadenomas obtained at different periods of the menstrual cycle (n = 38) or from patients under combined estrogen-progestagen contraceptive (n = 4) or substitutive progestagen treatment for progesterone insufficiency (n = 4). Cytosolic and nuclear ER (ERc and ERn) increased(More)