Sylvie Le Stang

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This study advances strategy and design in catalysts and reagents for fluorous and supercritical CO(2) chemistry by defining the structural requirements for insulating a typical active site from a perfluoroalkyl segment. The vertical ionization potentials of the phosphines P((CH(2))(m)R(f8))(3) (m = 2 (2) to 5 (5)) are measured by photoelectron(More)
Under strictly anhydrous conditions, no reaction occurs between Mo(2)(O(2)CCMe(3))(4) and tetracyanoethylene, TCNE, at room temperature, but after addition of 1 equiv of water, a reaction proceeds to form [Mo(2)(O(2)CCMe(3))(3)((NC)(2)CC(CN)CONH)], 1. The compound contains a quadruple-bonded Mo(2) unit and the 2,3,3-tricyanoacrylamidate anion as a ligand(More)
The role of the nitrogen atom on the electronic and magnetic couplings of the mono-oxidized and bi-oxidized pyridine-containing complex models [2,6-{Cp(dpe)Fe-C≡C-}(2)(NC(5)H(3))](n+) and [3,5-{Cp(dpe)Fe-C≡C-}(2)(NC(5)H(3))](n+) is theoretically tackled with the aid of density-functional theory (DFT) and multireference configuration interaction (MR-CI)(More)
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