Sylvie Lauzon

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The important role of family caregivers in maintaining their disabled and elderly members in the community is becoming increasingly recognized. Caregiver research, for the most part, has explored burden and emotional distress as outcomes of the caregiving experience. Although there is a growing consensus among health-care researchers concerning the(More)
Background: In the many descriptive studies on prescribed psychotropic drug use by communitydwelling older persons, several sociodemographic and other factors associated with drug use receive inconsistent support. Method: Empirical reports with data on at least benzodiazepine or antidepressant drug use in samples of older persons published between 1990 and(More)
Evaluation of the therapeutic alliance is crucial for understanding the therapeutic process and its results. However, few instruments are available in French. This article aims to validate a French short form of the Working Alliance Inventory (WAI). Unlike other questionnaires, the WAI is the most widely used in psychotherapy research as well as in social(More)
A quarter of the elderly population is prescribed benzodiazepines (BZD). This has led to growing concerns about drug dependence and the validity of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) criteria for dependence to a substance. This study aimed to understand how dependence was experienced by long-term BZD users. Interviews were(More)
This article identifies home care practitioners' perceptions of the responsibilities, difficulties, and needs for support of caregivers. It is based on a study undertaken in Quebec with 55 practitioners and 10 administrators from 10 CLSCs located in rural, urban, and metropolitan areas. The study had a qualitative, multiple-case design and used logs(More)
We explore in this qualitative research the challenges faced by bilingual health and social services professionals in a Canadian bilingual setting, as well as the strategies used to overcome them. Eight focus groups were conducted with a total of 43 bilingual Francophone professionals who offered services in French in 21 health and social service(More)
This article considers recruitment and retention of study subjects, two vital elements of the research process. Using as an example a Canadian programme to engage older people in physical activity Philippe Voyer, Sylvie Lauzon, Johanne Collin and Sandy O'Brien Cousins describe how these twin challenges can be addressed.
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