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The network layer operations in ad hoc networks - namely packet routing and forwarding - are solely performed by the nodes themselves and consequently rely on the cooperation among them. In such networks, to best manage packet forwarding to the aimed destination node raises a need for continuous monitoring of the network service that is likely to be(More)
Multi-tenancy is the core feature that enables efficiency and cost effectiveness of cloud computing. However, it brings several new security concerns. Ensuring 'strong isolation' between co-localized tenants remains the most critical issue. This work aims at highlighting new attack strategies brought by the resource sharing paradigm in multi-tenant elastic(More)
Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) is a technique that enables monitoring virtual machines at the hypervisor layer. This monitoring concept has gained recently a considerable focus in computer security research due to its complete but semantic less visibility on virtual machines activities and isolation from them. VMI works range from addressing the(More)
Security of multi-tenancy in cloud platforms raises a growing interest since research has revealed that the sharing of resources constitutes a vector of vulnerability. In this paper, we examine how one can leverage the sharing of resources, through the manipulation of the amount of resources consumed by VMs, to abusively enforce the dynamic resource(More)
Peer to peer (P2P) network has received in past few years a significant attention , especially such file sharing network as eDonkey [Kulbak and Kirkpatrick, 2005] or BitTorrent [Cohen 2008]. The shift from the classical client-server based paradigm of the Internet, with a clear distinction between information providers and consumers, towards consumers(More)
Cloud infrastructures are prone to various anomalies due to their ever-growing complexity and dynamics. Monitoring behavior of dynamic resource management systems is necessary to guarantee cloud reliability. In this paper, we present AMAD, a system designed for detecting an abusive use of dynamic virtual machine migration, in the case of the abusive virtual(More)
Photodynamic therapy is a new treatment for early carcinomas. Although undergoing phase 1/2 clinical assays, clinical indications for this therapy remain rare mainly because of the approximate dosimetry of HPD uptake by tumour tissues in human beings. In this review we present the potential interest and limits of both direct fluorescence detection or(More)
In Ad-Hoc networks, user nodes, in addition to handling their own traffic, also act as routers and contribute to network connectivity for the benefit of other nodes. With such a collaborative routing technique, hybrid Ad-Hoc networks i.e. Ad-Hoc networks interconnected to an infrastructure-based network via an Access Point (AP) - become a means to extend(More)