Sylvie Kessler

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Prenatal discovery of fetal bilateral hyperechogenic kidneys is very stressful for pregnant women and their family, and accurate diagnosis of the cause of the moderate forms of this pathology is very difficult. Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1beta that is encoded by the TCF2 gene is involved in the embryonic development of the kidneys. Sixty-two pregnancies with(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the clinical and pathologic features of patients who developed breast cancer (BC) after treatment for Hodgkin's disease (HD). Recent epidemiologic studies have shown that women who are cured of HD have an increased risk of developing BC. PATIENTS AND METHODS The clinical data, mammograms, and pathologic specimens of 37 women who(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate perinatal outcome of pregnancies complicated by chronic intervillositis of unknown etiology (CIUE) and to study the relation between extent of such placental histological lesions and clinical expression. STUDY DESIGN Descriptive and retrospective study including all cases of CIUE diagnosed between 2000 and 2006 in the university(More)
Four patients with evulsion of the optic nerve caused by blunt trauma were clinically evaluated. The evulsion was complete in two of the patients and incomplete in the other two. The patients' visual acuity ranged from counting fingers to no light perception. In addition, two eyes were histopathologically studied. Several explanations of the exact cause and(More)
Vasitis nodosa is an infrequently recognized, benign disorder that may be confused with malignancy of the vas deferens. A review of 30 patients with vasal masses removed during vasovasostomy revealed 20 men with vasitis nodosa. Of the patients 15 had vasal masses on physical examination, 1 of which was painful. Of the 20 patients with vasitis nodosa 14 had(More)
Congenital splenic cyst (CSC) is a rare condition, and only a few cases with prenatal diagnosis and no associated malformation have been reported. Spontaneous regression is possible in case of mild CSC (under 40 mm), but enlargement or secondary complications may lead to surgical treatment. We report, herein, two cases of isolated mild CSC with complete(More)
Several studies show that the application of oral glucocorticoids in patients with active RA leads to fast resolution of disease activity [1]. Treatment strategies that include the initial application of glucocorticoids seem to have a favourable outcome in terms of long-term control of disease activity [2]. Moreover, when tapered down to low doses,(More)
A 54 year old man, an ex-smoker, was noted to have a right hilar mass five years before presentation at our hospital. Thoracotomy had shown a cystic mass (benign lymphangiomatous cyst on frozen section) enveloping the structures of the right hilum. Resection was not attempted because a pneumonectomy would have been required. A radiograph four years later(More)