Sylvie Jumpertz

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We present a design concept of a tangible user interface for browsing image contents. A layer structure for image presentation and three kinematical gestures are proposed to facilitate navigation in the digital photo collections. We describe how gestures support the photo browsing and how the visual display is synchronized with gestures.
Issues about navigation of large photo collections have been studied for years. Associated interfaces tend to provide a single usage to deal with all kinds of photos and an integrated interface is rarely addressed. As the everyman photo collection consists of photos of various contexts, we advocate browsing different types of photos by different interaction(More)
Phorigami is a photo browser whose meta-interface visualizes photos by groups according to the analysis of photo contexts. At the core of Phorigami, we proposed a meta-categorization for photo regrouping. This categorization method encompasses the scope of current or expected recognition technologies. Two experiments are conducted by manual classification(More)
Astrolabe is a demonstrator of a man-machine interface capable of displaying what a picture-based search tool could be like in a personal or professional picture collection. Astrolabe is a textless interface through which users may search for pictures on the basis of colours, shapes and/or associated sounds ...a tool for research, an invitation to wandering(More)
This paper presents our research on the process of creating new communication experiences in the private sphere of users. To do this, we have chosen to study the concept of social presence, and also the notion of communication. The communication models that we have examined come from various disciplines and all have in common the fact that they focus on(More)
We describe a sensitive and multimedia house conceived at France telecom R&D Studio creative. In that house we develop communicating objects. We describe here the issues of such developments, and the way we cope with multimodality for multimedia navigation. Methodology of the Creative Studio The Creative studio is part of France Telecom's R&D centre. It was(More)
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