Sylvie Guessab

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This work highlights the facilities of VHDL-AMS to model multi-physical systems and deal with time discontinuities. The modeling and simulation of a piezo-electric device used to spray liquids are presented. Since it is composed of several piezoelectric and metallic parts, a modular approach is proposed. A generic behavioral model for each part type -(More)
— This paper proposes an analog-to-digital converter with two working modes. In the first mode, the system is a sigma-delta passive converter: the analog modulator uses a passive switched-capacitor low-pass filter and the only active element is the comparator. The consumption is low and the resolution is moderate (9 bits). In the second mode, the expected(More)
This paper presents the design of a monobit 6 th order delta-sigma modulator in a GaAs 0.2 µm technology. The central frequency is 750 MHz and the sampling frequency is 3 GHz. The reached resolution is 10.5 bits over a 10 MHz bandwith. The modulator operates from ± 5 V power supplies and consumes 5.7 W. Each block of the modulator is presented at transistor(More)
— The ability of adjustment of the central frequency of a Gm-C resonator in GaAs technology is discussed. First, it is shown that whatever the technology the wanted quality factor can be reached through an appropriate sizing of the transcon-ductance values, with adding an external feedback capacitor in the transconductance amplifiers. Then, it is(More)
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