Sylvie Galdin-Retailleau

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Spin-transfer torque magnetic memory (STT-MRAM) is currently under intense academic and industrial development, since it features non-volatility, high write and read speed and high endurance. In this work, we show that when used in a non-conventional regime, it can additionally act as a stochastic memristive device, appropriate to implement a "synaptic"(More)
This paper presents the results of a comparison among five Monte Carlo device simu-lators for nano-scale MOSFETs. These models are applied to the simulation of the I-V characteristics of a 25 nm gate-length MOSFET representative of the high-performance transistor of the 65 nm technology node. Appreciable differences between the simu-lators are obtained in(More)
Different kind of devices: → in strong connection with industrial R&D:-"conventional" transistors (MOSFET, HEMT, …): towards nm scale → more advanced devices for nanoelectronics:-quantum dots and single electron devices-quantum wires, carbon nanotubes and related devices-resonant tunelling diode) Different approaches to transport modelling:-Semi-classical(More)
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