Sylvie Forlani

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BACKGROUND Transgenes are often engineered using regulatory elements from distantly related genomes. Although correct expression patterns are frequently achieved even in transgenic mice, inappropriate expression, especially with promoters of widely expressed genes, has been reported. DNA methylation has been implicated in the aberrant expression, but the(More)
Glypicans are essential modulators of cell signalling during embryogenesis. Little is known about their functions in brain development. We show here that mouse glypicans (gpc-1 to gpc-6) are differentially expressed in embryonic brains during key morphogenetic events. In gastrulating embryos, gpc-4 is the only glypican expressed in anterior visceral(More)
The molecular mechanism underlying the 3' to 5' polarity of induction of mouse Hox genes is still elusive. While relief from a cluster-encompassing repression was shown to lead to all Hoxd genes being expressed like the 3'most of them, Hoxd1 (Kondo and Duboule, 1999), the molecular basis of initial activation of this 3'most gene, is not understood yet. We(More)
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