Sylvie Fontaine

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At the Second Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia (CCCD) (February, 1998), a group of neurologists, geriatricians, and psychiatrists met to consider guidelines for evaluation of dementia in Canada. This review paper formed a background paper for their discussion of dementia diagnosis. These experts from across the country concluded that diagnosis of(More)
INTRODUCTION Our purpose in conducting this study was to determine whether administration of high-dose tranexamic acid (TA) at the time of diagnosis of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) could reduce blood loss. METHODS This was a randomised, controlled, multicentred, open-label trial. Women with PPH >800 mL following vaginal delivery were randomly assigned to(More)
A woman, LB, while in recovery from a viral encephalitis, exhibited a delusion for place, which led her to insist that she was at home, in spite of compelling evidence to the contrary. Later, she developed a Capgras syndrome, that is, another misidentification syndrome. The patient was given a detailed neuropsychological evaluation to shed light on the(More)
Three experiments investigated expert and non-expert knowledge of a familiar but loosely structured spatial environment as revealed through the production of sketch maps. In the first experiment, experts and non-experts in geomatics sketched maps of a well-known park. The analysis of the maps revealed that experts and non-experts used different drawing(More)
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