Sylvie Droit

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The characteristics of rhythmical kicking movements of preterm infants with documented brain damage (BD), who later showed a severe motor impairment, are described and compared with those of low-risk (LR) preterm infants. Spontaneous movements were videotaped for 60 min in the incubator or in a warmer. A first group of 6 BD and 6 LR infants was observed at(More)
A set of 142 photographs of actions (taken from Fiez & Tranel, 1997) was standardized in French on name agreement, image agreement, conceptual familiarity, visual complexity, imageability, age of acquisition, and duration of the depicted actions. Objective word frequency measures were provided for the infinitive modal forms of the verbs and for the(More)
Children aged 4.5, 7, or 11 years received an experimental session in which a contingency was placed on button-press duration. Each discrete trial was followed by a brief verbal probe asking a question about the contingency requirement. Other groups of children received an identical task followed by a postexperimental interview. Level of adaptation to the(More)
The present study investigates effects of different types of instructions (high-rate, interval, and minimal) during training with a fixed-interval schedule as a function of prior acquired temporal knowledge. A pretest was used to assess 4 1/2- and 6-year-old children's ability to understand the temporal parameters of a fixed-interval schedule of(More)
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