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Acute or subacute bipallidal lesion, an uncommon radiological feature produced by metabolic disorders or poisoning, has never been attributed to ethylene glycol (EG) intoxication. This 50-year-old Afro-Caribbean alcoholic man had unexplained loss of consciousness. Blood tests showed osmolar gap. Drug screening was positive for EG at 6.06 mmol/l. Brain CT(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In black stroke patients, a particular form of fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD), called atypical FMD (aFMD), is involved in stroke mechanism. The high rate of stroke recurrence under medical treatment leads to propose surgery in such patients. Regarding its location level on the carotid bulb, aFMD is often confused with atherosclerosis(More)
Numerous similarities in MRI and clinical symptoms exist between Alzheimer's disease (AD), subcortical vascular dementia (sVD) and possible idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iHPN). The aim of this study is to explore mean apparent coefficient diffusion (ADC) difference between theses diseases in different periventricular and deep white matter areas,(More)
PURPOSES Few population-based MRI studies on stroke, particularly in African-descent populations, are available. Based on a 1-year Afro-Caribbean population-based study MRI, ischemic stroke characteristics were extensively analyzed. METHODS All strokes occurring in Martinique (390,371 inhabitants) were prospectively included. Ascertainment was based,(More)
PURPOSE Head-down (HD)-positioning, used in some stroke centers during early ischemic stroke management, is empirical but supported by some physiological findings. It has been shown by nonmagnetic resonance methods that this position can increase cerebral perfusion. This study aimed to investigate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ability to measure the(More)
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