Sylvie Chevallier

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A better understanding of cell-mediated immune responses to classical swine fever virus (CSFV) is essential for the future development of improved vaccines. We analyzed the generation of cell-mediated and humoral immune responses in d/d histocompatible pigs following CSFV infection or vaccination. Viral infection induced high T cell responses with high(More)
The formulation of gluten-free bread, which will be suitable for patients with coeliac disease, was optimized to provide bread similar to French bread. The effects of the presence of hydrocolloids and the substitution of the flour basis by flour or proteins from different sources were studied. The added ingredients were (1) hydrocolloids(More)
The structure of short dough and biscuit has been characterized at a macroscopic level (dimensions, bulk structure) and a microscopic level (starch damage, protein aggregates, microstructure) by physical and biochemical methods. The baking process of short dough induces a large decrease of the product bulk density from 1.26 to 0. 42 (+/-0.01) for(More)
Aims In bakery products, quality attributes of the crust such as crispy texture and colour and of the crumb as softness and springiness are important attributes for consumer’s perception. These attributes mainly set up during the baking stage and are influenced by the baking conditions (oven temperature, steam injection...). Many physical and chemical(More)
The challenge of reducing the salt content while maintaining shelf life, stability and acceptability of the products is major for the food industry. In the present study, we implemented processing adjustments to reduce salt content while maintaining the machinability and the saltiness perception of sheeted dough: the homogeneous distribution of a layer of(More)
The aim of this work was to evaluate the suitability of Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscopy (NIR-HSI) for the quantification of water content in commercial biscuits. Ten biscuits from two commercial brands were conditioned for one week in desiccators with different water activities controlled by different saturated solutions of salts. Biscuits(More)
Cake staling is a complex problem which has still not been fully understood. Starch polymers retrogradation, which is linked to biopolymers recrystallisation, is the most important factor affecting cake firmness in addition to water migration and fat crystallization. In this study, the effect of storage temperatures of 4°C and 20°C on starch retrogradation(More)
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