Sylvian Kaiser

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Power consumption has become one of the major concerns in today's integrated circuit design, and especially in System-on-Chip development where numerous heterogeneous functions are integrated in a single chip. In this context system architects have the challenge to identify power issues very early in the design flow from a complex set of use scenarios. This(More)
Heat dissipation is assumed to be one of the major challenges in the promising 3D integration technology. Very fine grain structures like TSVs and μ-bumps have considerable impact on heat dissipation properties. However, properly considering individual details of multi-length scale systems is still a challenge for efficient system-level thermal(More)
This paper presents a new methodology called Flex-CTM for Flexible Compact Thermal Modeling to build and to interface compact thermal models at different modeling levels. Each part of an electronic system is prepared to be Bou ndary Condition independent (BCI) such as to be plugged to other parts. Each part model is reduced to save memory and time consuming(More)
Thermal management is becoming a major concern in microelectronics because of transistor technology reduction and power density increases within complex packages. Temperature rise due to power dissipation worsens harmful clock skew, jeopardizes reliability and leads to over-consumption because of leakage current dependence on temperature. To limit these(More)
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