Sylvia Yat-Yee Chan

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In this study, we investigated the expression of 14-3-3sigma tumor suppressor gene in a panel of NPC cell lines, xenografts and primary tumors. Our objective was to determine the correlation between 14-3-3sigma expression and clinical outcome in NPC. We detected reduced 14-3-3sigma expression in 5/6 NPC tumor lines by quantitative RT-PCR and Western(More)
In our previous whole-transcriptome sequencing analysis, downregulation of a long non-coding RNA, maternally expressed gene 3 (MEG3), was identified in NPC samples. This finding suggests the possible role of MEG3 as a tumor suppressor in this distinctive disease. In the present study, two MEG3 variants, AF119863 (MEG3-AF) and BX247998 (MEG3-BX), were found(More)
This paper describes a simple procedure for the quantitative analysis of 25 polychlorinated biphenyl congeners (PCB) in serum. They are PCB 70, 74, 77, 87, 99, 101, 118, 126, 128, 138, 151, 153, 156, 169, 170, 180, 183, 187, 191, 194, 205, 206, 208 and 209. In addition, 15 pesticides are analyzed in the same extract: aldrin, p,p'-DDE, p,p'-DDT, dieldrin,(More)
Deletion of 11q23 is a common genetic aberration in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). Multiple candidate tumor suppressor genes (TSG) were mapped to this region but few of them were investigated in NPC. TSLC1 (tumor suppressor in lung cancer) is recently reported to be a putative TSG on 11q23. This gene was found to be inactivated by promoter hypermethylation(More)
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