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Hospital ethics committees (HECs) and ethicists generally describe themselves as engaged in four domains of practice: case consultation, research, education, and policy work. Despite the increasing attention to quality indicators, practice standards, and evaluation methods for the other domains, comparatively little is known or published about the policy(More)
AIMS To explore nurses' perceptions of their patient communication in practice and to identify their ways of communicating. BACKGROUND Nurse theorists and clinicians are aware of the importance of nurse-patient communication in providing patient-centred care. However, barriers remain that prevent nurses from implementing quality/effective communication,(More)
This study aims to explore the roles and responsibilities of seven newly appointed nurse consultants (NCs) in various clinical specialties in Hong Kong as a pioneer project. Qualitative approaches using direct observation and semi-structured interviews were adopted with two full-day observations on the seven NCs plus 56 semi-structured interviews of NCs,(More)
BACKGROUND The position of nurse consultant (NC) was introduced in Hong Kong by the Hospital Authority in January 2009. Seven NCs were appointed in five clinical specialties: diabetes, renal, wound and stoma care, psychiatrics, and continence. This was a pilot to explore the impact of the introduction of NCs on patient health and service outcomes. METHODS(More)
Interleukin-2 inducible tyrosine kinase (ITK) is expressed in T cells and plays a critical role in signalling through the T cell receptor. Evidence, mainly from knockout mice, has suggested that ITK plays a particularly important function in Th2 cells and this has prompted significant efforts to discover ITK inhibitors for the treatment of allergic disease.(More)
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