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PURPOSE The PAX6 gene, located at the reported myopia locus MYP7 on chromosome 11p13, was postulated to be associated with myopia development. This study investigated the association of PAX6 with high myopia in 379 high myopia patients and 349 controls. METHODS High myopia patients had refractive errors of -6.00 diopters or greater and axial length longer(More)
Roles of c-aminobutyric acid (GABA) antagonists on the chick model of form-deprivation myopia (FDM) were investigated. Bicuculline (GABA A) or TPMPA (GABA A0r) was injected intravitreally (1 or 10 mg=mL) into the right eyes of chicks with or without 10 FDM for 13 days. The contralateral eyes served as the control. The eye weight (EW), equatorial diameter(More)
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