Sylvia Reichl

Esther M Pogatzki-Zahn2
Peter K Zahn2
Viktor Keller1
Mirjam Augustin1
2Esther M Pogatzki-Zahn
2Peter K Zahn
1Viktor Keller
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Impairment of spinal GABAergic inhibition is demonstrated to contribute to pathologic chronic pain states. We investigated spinal and peripheral GABAergic regulation of incisional pain in rats. We found that intrathecal but not peripheral administration of muscimol (GABA-A receptor agonist) and baclofen (GABA-B receptor agonist) reduced mechanical and(More)
Underlying mechanisms of hyperalgesia differ with regard to the pain entities, which are well-modeled in animals for systematic studies. However, neuroimaging in different animal pain models often lacks clinical relevance and consistency with behavioral studies, which hinders the translation of results. Whereas mechanical stimulation is commonly used to(More)
Pain after surgery has recently become a major issue not only due to lack of treatment success in the acute phase; even more alarming is the large number of patients developing prolonged pain after surgery. Because spinal glutamate as well as spinal glia plays a major role in acute incisional pain, we investigated the role of the spinal glial glutamate(More)
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