Sylvia Ralphs-Thibodeau

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Clinical practice guidelines are developed with the purpose of improving patient care. The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Nursing Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) Project was implemented in 1999. It has resulted in the development, implementation and evaluation of 17 BPGs with agencies in different healthcare sectors. This article describes(More)
BACKGROUND This paper shows patients' enactment of choice in mixed methods, multidisciplinary study on the use of bedrails as restraints. APPROACH Under the pressure of the implementation of impending legislation, patients from a Canadian elderly care rehabilitation unit were recruited to be part of this study and assigned to either a study or control(More)
The type, frequency and duration of use of temporary pacemaker wires were recorded in 100 patients who underwent in 100 patients who underwent open-heart surgery. Sixty-five patients had wires implanted: 29 were atrioventricular 35 ventricular and 1 atrial. Pacing was required in 24 instances for nodal rhythm, sinus bradycardia, sinus arrest,(More)
The authors present a computer program designed for the practising cardiac surgeon who wishes to computerize patient data. The program is efficient, versatile and can be adapted to individual needs. It can be used with any IBM PC-compatible machine and requires little knowledge of computer science. More than 250 items on 30 000 patients can be stored and(More)
The status of 958 patients who underwent median sternotomy between January, 1978, and May, 1981, was analyzed. Fifty-four patients had an upper extremity neuropathy. Among 38 patients who underwent further evaluation, motor and sensory nerve conduction studies localized the injury to the level of the elbow in 13, to the brachial plexus in 10, and to both(More)
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