Sylvia M. Wilson

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Tumors can recur years after treatment, and breast cancer is especially noted for long periods of dormancy. The status of the cancer during this period is poorly understood. As a model to study mechanisms of dor-mancy, we used murine D2.0R mammary carcinoma cells, which are poorly metastatic but form occasional metastases in liver and other organs after(More)
In the fetus, there is a net secretion of liquid (LL) by the lung as a result of active transport of chloride ions. The rate of secretion and the resulting volume of LL are vital for normal lung growth but how volume is sensed and how secretion may be regulated are still unknown. Towards term under the influence of thyroid and adrenocorticoid hormones, the(More)
The perforated patch recording technique was used to investigate the effects of dexamethasone (0.2 microm, 24-30 h), a synthetic glucocorticoid, on membrane conductance in the human airway epithelial cell line H441. Under zero current clamp conditions this hormone induced amiloride-sensitive depolarization of the membrane potential (V(m)). Lowering external(More)
1 Rat foetal distal lung epithelial cells were plated onto permeable supports where they became integrated into epithelial sheets that spontaneously generated short circuit current (ISC). 2 Apical ATP (100 microM) evoked a transient fall in ISC that was followed by a rise to a clear peak which, in turn, was succeeded by a slowly developing decline to a(More)
We explored the relationship between nucleotide-evoked changes in intracellular free calcium ([Ca2+]i) and anion secretion by measuring [Ca2+]i and I(SC) simultaneously in Fura-2-loaded, cultured equine sweat gland epithelia. Apical ATP, UTP or UDP elicited sustained increases in [Ca2+]i that were initiated by the mobilization of cytoplasmic Ca2+ but(More)
Electrophysiological studies of H441 human distal airway epithelial cells showed that thapsigargin caused a Ca(2+)-dependent increase in membrane conductance (G(Tot)) and hyperpolarization of membrane potential (V(m)). These effects reflected a rapid rise in cellular K(+) conductance (G(K)) and a slow fall in amiloride-sensitive Na(+) conductance (G(Na)).(More)
BACKGROUND Retrospective studies show significant improvements in survival among women who had breast cancer resected during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle compared with the follicular phase. We hypothesised that tumour tissue would show cyclical changes in expression of genes whose products might contribute to metastatic potential. METHODS We(More)
To examine the relationship between the malignant behavior of rat glioma cells and expression of the differentiation antigen glial fibrillary acidic protein (GF), we assayed the tumorigenicity and metastatic ability of P635 and its GF+ or GF- clones. We injected P635 (GF+) and clone 45 (GF-) cells intramuscularly in nude mice. Both lines formed local tumors(More)
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