Sylvia Lai Yuk Ching Kwok

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Based on the responses of 5,557 Chinese secondary students in Hong Kong, the relationship among social problem solving, perceived family functioning, and suicidal ideation were examined in this study. Results showed that suicidal ideation was negatively related to social problem solving and family functioning. It was further found that the linkage between(More)
Based on the responses of 5,557 Chinese secondary students in Hong Kong, the relationships among perceived hopelessness, family functioning, and suicidal ideation were examined. Results showed that suicidal ideation was positively related to hopelessness, but negatively related to parent-adolescent communication. Compared with father-adolescent(More)
Several socio-demographic correlates, including age of adolescents, family economic status, parental marital status, parental occupational status and parental educational level of adolescent suicidal ideation among Chinese adolescents (N = 5,557) were examined in this study. The results showed that older adolescents had a significantly higher level of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research showed an association among perceived stigma, perceived caregiving burden and marital satisfaction of mothers. However, little is known about their relationship among mothers of young children with disabilities in the Chinese context. The mediating role of perceived caregiving burden between perceived stigma and marital(More)
AIMS This paper tests the mediating effect of institutional peer support on the relationship between physical declines and depressive symptoms among nursing home residents. BACKGROUND As the number of older adults living in nursing homes increases, peer support received from other residents in the institutions is critical to the psychological well-being(More)
The present study examined the relationship among physical abuse, psychological abuse, perceived family functioning and adolescent suicidal ideation in Shanghai, China. Perceived family functioning was investigated as a possible moderator between physical abuse, psychological abuse and suicidal ideation. A cross sectional survey using convenience sampling(More)
Utilizing Daniel Goleman's theory of emotional competence, Beck's cognitive theory, and Rudd's cognitive-behavioral theory of suicidality, the relationships between hopelessness (cognitive component), social problem solving (cognitive-behavioral component), emotional competence (emotive component), and adolescent suicidal ideation were examined. Based on(More)
AIMS To explore the relationship among perceived family functioning, emotional competence and suicidal ideation and to examine the moderating role of emotional competence in suicidal ideation. BACKGROUND Previous studies have highlighted that poor family relationships and emotional symptoms are significant predictors of suicidal ideation. However, the(More)
BACKGROUND : Suicidal ideation has been identified increasingly as a problem among university students in Hong Kong. Understanding the relationships among hopelessness, perceived family functioning, and suicidal ideation is essential to designing effective interventions. OBJECTIVES : The aims of this study are to explore the relationships among(More)
This study tested the model of suicidal ideation, incorporating family and personal factors to predict suicidal ideation with hopelessness as a mediating factor in the Hong Kong sample, to a sample in Shanghai. Using MGSEM, the study aims to investigate the personal correlates and the family correlates of suicidal ideation in Hong Kong and Shanghai(More)