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Democratic decentralisation and local participation: a review of recent research
Introduction This review essay aims to present recent research on the relationships between democracy and decentralisation, with a focus on local participation and empowerment. Although an earlierExpand
‘Inclusive’ Neoliberalism, Local Governance Reforms and the Redeployment of State Power: The Case of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in Morocco
This contribution uses the National Initiative for Human Development in Morocco as a case study to show the effects of ‘inclusive’ neoliberal local governance reforms on local state–society relationsExpand
The challenges of ‘participatory’ development in a semi-authoritarian context: the case of an essential oil distillation project in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco†
Decentralisation implies that responsibilities for development planning and management are transferred from central governance levels to sub-national levels, including local governments.Expand
A Gendered Analysis of the Income Generating Activities under the Green Morocco Plan: Who Profits?
Since 2005, major donors have been expanding Morocco’s programs to combat poverty, social exclusion and gender inequality. Yet, despite newly designed programs that advocate participatory approaches,Expand
3 From Temporary Work in Agriculture to Irregular Status in Domestic Service: The Transition and Experiences of Senegalese Migrant Women in Spain
Amid increasing irregular flows of Senegalese migrants to Spanish territories, the two countries entered into a bilateral agreement in 2007 for a temporary work scheme that ultimately saw theExpand
Assessing the Scope for Partnerships Between Local Governments and Community-Based Organizations: Findings from Rural Morocco
This paper examines whether in rural Morocco, local governments and community-based organizations have the capacity and incentives to engage in developmentally valuable partnerships. TheseExpand
Governance reforms in Morocco
Jenny Pearce (ed.): Participation and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century City
textabstractThis edited volume brings together six urban case studies (three in the UK and three in Latin America) that together try to ‘‘draw out the potentialities, record the transformingExpand
Introduction: Researching the effects of neoliberal reforms on local governance in the Southern Mediterranean
The effects of neoliberal economic reforms in the Southern Mediterranean are now widely regarded as a main underlying cause of the Arab uprisings. An often neglected dimension is that of the reforms'Expand
Assessing Local Governance Innovations in Morocco in Light of the Participatory Budgeting Experience in Brazil: The Case of "Civil Society" Federations (Espaces Associatifs) in Al Haouz Province
This paper examines local governance innovations i n Morocco in light of the Participatory Budgeting experience in Brazil. B ased on empirical fieldwork (in the case of Morocco), and an extensiveExpand