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Blaskovics, M. E., Schaeffler, G. E., and Hack, S. (1974). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 49, 835. Phenylalaninaemia: differential diagnosis. A method is described for differentiating the phenylalaninaemias based upon blood phenylalanine (phe) responses to ingestion of natural protein diets with standard phe content. A classification scheme derived(More)
Livestock-associated bacteria with resistance to two or more antibiotic drug classes have heightened our awareness for the consequences of antibiotic consumption and spread of resistant bacterial strains in the veterinary field. In this study we assessed the prevalence of concomitant colonization with livestock-associated methicillin-resistant(More)
Colonization of livestock with bacteria resistant to antibiotics is considered a risk for the entry of drug-resistant pathogens into the food chain. For this reason, there is a need for novel concepts to address the eradication of drug-resistant commensals on farms. In the present report, we evaluated the decontamination measures taken on a farm(More)
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