Sylvia Gunkel

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In a sample of 105 community-care patients suffering from schizophrenia, the relationship between reports of involuntary admission in the past, current posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and other aspects of psychopathology was examined. PTSD symptoms were obtained on the PTSD interview, and psychopathology was rated on the Brief Psychiatric(More)
Muscle LIM protein (MLP, also known as cysteine rich protein 3 (CSRP3, CRP3)) is a muscle-specific-expressed LIM-only protein. It consists of 194 amino-acids and has been described initially as a factor involved in myogenesis (Arber et al. Cell 79:221-231, 1994). MLP soon became an important model for experimental cardiology when it was first demonstrated(More)
Mechanosensation (the ultimate conversion of a mechanical stimulus into a biochemical signal) as well as mechanotransduction (transmission of mechanically induced signals) belong to the most fundamental processes in biology. These effects, because of their dynamic nature, are particularly important for the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is not(More)
A typical problem concerning in-patient detoxification is the high drop-out rate. This phenomenon represents a significant problem for both the patient and the therapeutic team, as it is a factor which reduces motivation. While several studies confirm a positive shift of early drop-out behavior with the aid of methadone-supported detoxification, the overall(More)
Conflict of interest The authors have declared that no conflict of interest exists. [130] Animal models of human disease [16] Myocardial cardiomyopathy disease Abstract 5 Background-Mutations in sarcomeric and cytoskeletal proteins are a major cause of hereditary
Comparatively few studies have examined the effects of methadone given during a clinical detoxification programme. Furthermore, their results are different especially because of changing drop-out rates. This study was carried out on a drug-detoxification ward and investigated the effects of methadone given to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Comparisons were(More)
In the rehabilitation of schizophrenic patients, changes and outcome are usually assessed by members of multiprofessional therapeutic teams and by the patients themselves. In this study, the correlations of different perspectives of change during rehabilitation were investigated. After admission to a partial hospitalization program (printing workshop), 12(More)
In a postal questionnaire we examined three samples of persons seven and a half months after their migration to Berlin: 1. 512 people having left East Germany, 2. 90 Germans who had left Poland, and 3. 283 people who lived in western parts of Germany before. The present study was to investigate social integration and psychic complaints in these groups. In(More)
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