Sylvia Griffiths

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A randomised double-blind controlled trial compared three-day and 10-day courses of amoxycillin (25 mg/kg daily) in children with otitis media. Seventeen doctors from five centres admitted 84 children between the ages of 2 and 10 years. Symptoms and signs were measured on admission to the trial, on day 3, and on day 15. Mother's observations were recorded(More)
Scimitar vein draining to the left atrium is the rarest of the pulmonary venolobar anomalies with less than a dozen reported cases. A case is reported of a patient whose plain film radiographic findings showed a typical scimitar vein but whose echocardiography showed normal pulmonary venous drainage. Cardiac catheterization confirmed drainage of the(More)
AIMS The MRC RT01 trial used conformal radiotherapy to the prostate, a method that reduces the volume of normal tissue treated by 40-50%. Because of the risk of geographical miss, the trial used portal imaging to examine whether treatment delivery was within the required accuracy. MATERIAL AND METHODS In total, 843 patients were randomly assigned to(More)
by some recent experiments on the grafting of bone marrow cells between individuals. It has recently been shown that genetically marked bone marrow can contribute to the regeneration of skeletal muscle (47) and of liver (48) in the host animals. In one study, the graft was composed of purified hemopoietic stem cells (49). Although the frequency of labeled(More)
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