Sylvia Gonçalves

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BACKGROUND Data on the prevalence of social disablement in long-stay psychiatric patients, and the assessment of the psychometric properties of the instruments that evaluate social behaviour in this population are scarce in Brazil. Therefore, this cross-sectional study aimed to estimate the prevalence rates of social disablement in a population of long-stay(More)
We consider forecasting with uncertainty about the choice of predictor variables. The researcher wants to select a model, estimate the parameters, and use this for forecasting. We investigate the distributional properties of a number of different schemes for model choice and parameter estimation: in-sample model selection using the Akaike information(More)
Paternal participation in adolescents' pregnancy is little discussed. Although the absence of the partner is pointed out as one of the problems due to it. This research had the aim to ascertain, under the perspective of mothers who gave birth at an early age, the participation of a father during gestation, birth, and raising of his child in the first months(More)
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