Sylvia Geiger

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Loss of Crumbs homologue 1 (CRB1) function causes either the eye disease Leber congenital amaurosis or progressive retinitis pigmentosa, depending on the amount of residual CRB1 activity and the genetic background. Crb1 localizes specifically to the sub-apical region adjacent to the adherens junction complex at the outer limiting membrane in the retina. We(More)
Open vestibuloplasty in combination with mucogingival surgery has the disadvantage of a high tendency to relapse. The introduction of the gingival graft on to the open periosteum was a considerable improvement. The use of compound flaps taken from the hairless retroauricular region also showed good post-operative results. In addition to good healing and(More)
Fractures of the mandible in children represent a special problem in the therapeutic concept of traumatology. These injuries differ from similar injuries in adults in terms of the mechanism of the fracture, therapeutic possibilities, elasticity of the bone, healing of the mandibular fracture, presence of tooth buds, and cooperativeness of the patient.(More)
Clinical and histological tests were made in five minipigs to study the hitherto unknown tissue behaviour of the receiver organism to unilaterally uncovered perforated ceramic implants in the bilaterally osteotomized facial maxillary sinus wall. The implants were covered with connective tissue and coated with respiratory mucosa on the uncovered side. After(More)
Bacteriologic analysis of pathogens from pyogenic infections of the jaw in 71 patients revealed that bacteria normally found in the buccal cavity predominated in 86% of the specimens. Considering the fact that no pathogens could be identified in 7% of the specimens, this then means that pathogens were only found in 7% of the specimens. Six to 12 strains(More)