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Predictive testing for Huntington disease is now possible by using DNA markers close to the mutant gene. Such tests result in an increased or decreased risk estimate as to whether the person tested has inherited the mutant gene. Persons who already manifest subtle signs of the disease but see themselves as presymptomatic will also present to the preclinical(More)
Polymorphic DNA probes linked to the locus for Huntington disease (HD) were used for prenatal diagnosis of a 10-week fetus at 25% risk for the disease. The fetus proved to have a 48% risk of having inherited the HD mutation which was similar to that for the at-risk parent (50%). On this basis the parents elected to terminate the pregnancy. When appropriate(More)
Nurse educators are challenged to prepare students to graduate with a high level of communication skill to effectively work with patients, families and professional colleagues. This manuscript describes an innovative pedagogical model developed for teaching therapeutic communication skills to pre-licensure nursing students through the use of simulation.(More)
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