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Automated solid-phase peptide synthesis to obtain therapeutic peptides
Summary The great versatility and the inherent high affinities of peptides for their respective targets have led to tremendous progress for therapeutic applications in the last years. In order toExpand
Peptide chemistry toolbox - Transforming natural peptides into peptide therapeutics.
The development of solid phase peptide synthesis has released tremendous opportunities for using synthetic peptides in medicinal applications. In the last decades, peptide therapeutics became anExpand
Adrenomedullin – new perspectives of a potent peptide hormone
Adrenomedullin (ADM) is a 52‐amino acid multifunctional peptide, which belongs to the calcitonin gene‐related peptide (CGRP) superfamily of vasoactive peptide hormones. ADM exhibits a significantExpand
Structural Model of Ghrelin Bound to its G Protein-Coupled Receptor.
The peptide ghrelin targets the growth hormone secretagogue receptor 1a (GHSR) to signal changes in cell metabolism and is a sought-after therapeutic target, although no structure is known to date.Expand
Peptide mini-scaffold facilitates JNK3 activation in cells
Three-kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling cascades are present in virtually all eukaryotic cells. MAPK cascades are organized by scaffold proteins, which assemble cognate kinasesExpand
Integrating Solid-State NMR and Computational Modeling to Investigate the Structure and Dynamics of Membrane-Associated Ghrelin
The peptide hormone ghrelin activates the growth hormone secretagogue receptor 1a, also known as the ghrelin receptor. This 28-residue peptide is acylated at Ser3 and is the only peptide hormone inExpand
Adrenomedullin 2.0: Adjusting Key Levers for Metabolic Stability.
The 52 amino acid peptide hormone adrenomedullin (ADM) plays a major role in the development and regulation of the cardiovascular and lymphatic system and has therefore gained significant interestExpand
High metabolic in vivo stability and bioavailability of a palmitoylated ghrelin receptor ligand assessed by mass spectrometry.
The constitutive activity of the ghrelin receptor is of high physiological and pathophysiological relevance. In-depth structure-activity relationship studies revealed a palmitoylated ghrelin receptorExpand
Bioorthogonal Labeling of Ghrelin Receptor to Facilitate Studies of Ligand-Dependent Conformational Dynamics.
Ghrelin receptor (GhrR) is a promising drug target because of its central role in energy homeostasis. GhrR, known for high constitutive activity, is thought to display multi-state conformationsExpand