Sylvia Chong

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Research shows the development of teachers' professional identity to be in a state of flux and that there is a strong correlation between a sense of teacher professional identity and their propensity to stay in teaching. Our study examines pre-service teachers' emerging sense of professional teacher identity at exit point of their pre-service programme. For(More)
This paper reports the cross-validation of the factor pattern of the Perceptions of Knowledge and Skills in Teaching (PKST) survey, which was used to assess the self-perceived pedagogical knowledge and skills of pre-service and beginning teachers. The sample comprised 323 pre-service teachers enrolled in a 1-yr. post-graduate teacher education program in(More)
Education and the challenges of preparing quality teachers are important priorities in many countries. Singapore is no different. The success of what Singapore hopes to achieve in education depends on the quality of its teachers. Competent and effective teachers help build a strong educational system. In response to the nation's need for quality teachers,(More)
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