Sylvia Chan-Olmsted

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Successful diffusion of 3G mobile is necessary for the provision of many advanced applications via the mobile platform such as mobile broadband Internet and video. The current deployment of 3G services is significantly more developed in some countries than others. Through a regression analysis of 106 observations, this study examines the factors affecting(More)
Enhanced TV is the use of Internet features for enhancing the viewing experience of TV viewers. This paper reports the results of a national study of US Internet users’ usage of enhanced TV features on cable network websites. The study shows some positive effects of enhanced TV features on the ecommerce interest in the cable network websites. Respondents(More)
for their advice and Ed Lowery and Link Hoewing for their input on telecommunications industry dynamics. All errors and omissions are my own. Abstract I examine the effects of market concentration on interconnection in network industries. Using Cournot interactions, each network chooses quantity, quality for communications within the provider's own network,(More)
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