Sylvia Chan-Olmsted

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As telecommunications and computing technologies continue to evolve and shape the global business environment, the broadband Internet readiness of a country becomes an increasingly significant aspect in affecting a country's global competitiveness. that the two nations' differences in their broadband Internet developments might be explained by a combination(More)
Successful diffusion of 3G mobile is necessary for the provision of many advanced applications via the mobile platform such as mobile broadband Internet and video. The current deployment of 3G services is significantly more developed in some countries than others. Through a regression analysis of 106 observations, this study examines the factors affecting(More)
This study is about the Influential elements that have been inquire into by the researcher which induce them to change their mind to shift from 2G to 3G mobile technologies in Dera Ismail Khan and this is the main goal of this research. Those factors are also address in the research questions of this study that influence the users of mobile phone to shift(More)