Sylvia Brugman

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Agouti-related protein (AgRP) is an endogenous antagonist at the melanocortin 3 and 4 receptor in the hypothalamus. Central administration of AgRP produces a robust increase in food intake, and this effect can be blocked by administration of nonspecific opioid receptor antagonist. Such results implicate opioid receptors as critical to mediating the effects(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Impaired intestinal barrier function is observed in type 1 diabetes patients and animal models of the disease. Exposure to diabetogenic antigens from the intestinal milieu due to a compromised intestinal barrier is considered essential for induction of the autoimmune process leading to type 1 diabetes. Since a hydrolysed casein (HC) diet(More)
Our environment poses a constant threat to our health. To survive, all organisms must be able to discriminate between good (food ingredients and microbes that help digest our food) and bad (pathogenic microbes, viruses and toxins). In vertebrates, discrimination between beneficial and harmful antigens mainly occurs at the mucosal surfaces of the(More)
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