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Glia cell stimulating factor (GSF): A new lymphokine: Part 1. Cellular sources and partial purification of murine GSF, role of cytoskeleton and protein synthesis in its production
The effect of activated-lymphocyte supernatant on glia cells was investigated. When treated in vitro with Concanavalin A (ConA), murine spleen cells released a soluble product, termed glia cellExpand
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Involvement of cyclic AMP in the regulations of lymphokine induced glia cell stimulation.
T and B lymphocytes of human or murine origin were found to secrete a factor which increases the DNA and RNA synthesis of cultured glia cells. This factor, termed glia cell stimulating factor (GSF),Expand
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A model system for the study of fungus ― host surface interactions: adhesion of Phytophthora megasperma to protoplasts and mesophyll cells of soybean
Cell surface phenomena are important but little understood aspects of fungal pathogen — host plant interactions (Bracker and Littlefield 1973; Albersheim and Prouty 1975; Keen 1982; Yoshikawa et alExpand
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