Sylvain Ravier

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Oxybenzone (2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenone, benzophenone-3) is one of the UV filters commonly found in sunscreens. Its presence in swimming pools and its reactivity with chlorine has already been demonstrated but never in seawater swimming pools. In these pools, chlorine added for disinfection results in the formation of bromine, due to the high levels of(More)
Although the practice of perinatal autopsy has increased in recent years, examination of the fetus and especially of the fetal brain during the first trimester or the beginning of the second trimester remains difficult. Postmortem high-resolution images of the brain of a normal and an abnormal fetus of the same gestational age (22 weeks) were obtained with(More)
Microelectronic wafers are exposed to airborne molecular contamination (AMC) during the fabrication process of microelectronic components. The organophosphate compounds belonging to the dopant group are one of the most harmful groups. Once adsorbed on the wafer surface these compounds hardly desorb and could diffuse in the bulk of the wafer and invert the(More)
Aerosol-cloud interaction contributes to the largest uncertainties in the estimation and interpretation of the Earth's changing energy budget. The present study explores experimentally the impacts of water condensation-evaporation events, mimicking processes occurring in atmospheric clouds, on the molecular composition of secondary organic aerosol (SOA)(More)
PURPOSE The excellent tissue differenciation provided by MRI in the three directions and the lack of ionizing radiations make it ideal for interventional procedures. Many problems must still be solved: the access to the patient, the size of the artefact produced by interventional instruments and the acquisition time. In this study, we evaluated the(More)
0800h A51B-3031 POSTER Algorithm for Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Properties over East Asia from TANSO-Cloud and Aerosol Imager : S Lee, J Kim, M KIM, M Choi, S Go, H Lim, M L Ou, T Y Goo 0800h A51B-3032 POSTER Using the Mixed Effect Model as an Alternative Approach to Improve Correlation between Satellite Derived Aerosol Optical Depth (MISR & MODIS) and(More)
The heterogeneous reactions of gas-phase ozone and two pyrethroid pesticides, deltamethrin and permethrin, which are the most frequently applied insecticides today, has been investigated. Tentative identifications of heterogeneous ozonolysis products of both pesticides reveal that the reaction mechanisms differ and are mainly influenced by the presence of(More)
An analytical chemical method has been developed for determination of β-hydroxymyristic acid (β-HMA), a component of lipopolysaccharides (LPSs/endotoxins) in dialysis water. In our investigation, the β-HMA component was used as a chemical marker for endotoxin presence in dialysis water because it is available in the molecular subunit (lipid A) and(More)
Organic ultraviolet (UV) filters are used in sunscreens and other personal-care products to protect against harmful effects of exposure to UV solar radiation. Little is known about the fate of UV filters in seawater swimming pools disinfected with chlorine. The present study investigated the occurrence and fate of five commonly used organic UV filters,(More)
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