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Cyanobacteria are ubiquitous microorganisms considered as important contributors to the formation of Earth's atmosphere and nitrogen fixation. However, they are also frequently associated with toxic blooms. Indeed, the wide range of hepatotoxins, neurotoxins and dermatotoxins synthesized by these bacteria is a growing environmental and public health(More)
BACKGROUND The widespread utilization of organic compounds in modern society and their dispersion through wastewater have resulted in extensive contamination of source and drinking waters. The vast majority of these compounds are not regulated in wastewater outfalls or in drinking water while trace amounts of certain compounds can impact aquatic wildlife.(More)
The Agilent 6540 Q-TOF LC/MS and Agilent Mass Profiler Professional Software (MPP) were used to sensitively characterize the complex chemical composition of municipal wastewater. The processing of Q-TOF high-resolution MS data using the MPP multivariate statistical analysis package revealed changes in the occurrence patterns of organic chemicals during(More)
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