Sylvain Massuel

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[1] The water table in southwestern Niger has been rising continuously for the past decades (4 m rise from 1963 to 2007), despite a 23% deficit in monsoonal rainfall from 1970 to 1998. This paradoxical phenomenon has been linked with a change in land use from natural savannah to millet crops that have expanded in area sixfold since 1950 and have caused soil(More)
Magnetic resonance sounding (MRS) is a noninvasive geophysical method that allows estimating the free water content and transmissivity of aquifers. In this article, the ability of MRS to improve the reliability of a numerical groundwater model is assessed. Thirty-five sites were investigated by MRS over a ∼5000 km(2) domain of the sedimentary Continental(More)
Monitoring ground water withdrawals for agriculture is a difficult task, while agricultural development leads frequently to overexploitation of the aquifers. To fix the problem, sustainable management is required based on the knowledge of water uses. This paper introduces a simple and inexpensive direct method to determine the duration of pumping of a well(More)
The knowledge of the geometry and of the hydrodynamic properties of geological media is a key element for understanding the hydrologic process in aquifers and for the management of groundwater resources. However, the implementation of usual method for characterizing aquifers (e.g. geological investigation by drilling or pumping tests) is often difficult and(More)
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